As low as 1¢ per page

Our flexible customer-friendly billing system allows you to pay only for what you consume, not a penny more. It doesn’t get much better than this.

pages 1 – 5

$ 0.05

per page per day
∞ domains

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pages 6 – 20

$ 0.03

per page per day
∞ domains

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pages 21 – 50

$ 0.02

per page per day
∞ domains

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pages 51+

$ 0.01

per page per day
∞ domains

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No matter how many pages you have

All Accounts Get

Ultra-fast premium cloud hosting

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Unlimited traffic and content transfer

Regular updates and enhancements

Unlimited collaborators and editors

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No subscription… so how does it work exactly?

Tylio does not have any overpriced subscription plans. To pay for the hosting fees of your pages, add prepaid funds to your account. Funds can obviously be purchased with a credit card, but they can also be earned for free in various ways (which you will have to discover along the journey ;-).

Thereafter, your balance will be updated daily based on your number of published online pages. It’s as simple as that.

What pages are included in my daily billing cycle?

The following pages are included in your daily billing cycle:

  • All the published pages in a brand (domain) you own, even those published by the collaborators of this brand
  • All the published pages owned by you which are not branded

The following pages are NOT included in your daily billing cycle:

  • Any (draft) page that was never published, whether branded or not
  • All the published pages owned by you which belong to a brand (domain) of another user
Is there a free trial period?

Yes, you can start using the platform for 0 $, without the need to enter your credit card information.

When you sign up, we will automatically give you a few cents in your account to get you started. Depending on the amount of pages you publish, a few cents will actually get you up and running for several days. Once your signup credit runs up, simply buy additional funds to continue. If the trial is inconclusive, feel free to delete your account at any time.


How do you handle taxes?

When you purchase funds by paying with a credit card, applicable taxes will be calculated at checkout depending on the issuing country and province of your credit card.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Unless in exceptional circumstances (for example, if you have been a victim of credit card fraud) we don’t grant refunds.